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23-05-2016, 21:46

May 24

Категория: Отбор акций

Crazy day again! XGTI and CLRB lead the charge. Lost on CPXX that was just me being inpatient on the entries but hey, happens.

XGTI had a 10Q after hours dumped to .14 I scooped under .15s and then had .19x ish average sold .199-.205 then I rebought .160x-166x and holding that over night. Offered some serious ops after hours.

I am doing a webinar tomorrow night at 8PM EST

XGTI really nice trading on this today, was tuned in nicely here anticipating the double washouts exactly when they came and it really added up pretty quickly. Nice job if you traded this today – I’d check back through chat logs the timing and the comments it’s really about being one step ahead and anticipating those panic spots and breakout points to be buying when everyone is nervous and selling when everyone is excited. Have .16x’s average over night and ideally opens green if not I still think we’ll have an opportunity for a washout snag and rally tomorrow. Whatever you do please don’t over stay.

CLRB another big volume day – lots of action towards $4 at the close no real idea here except that I need to still be cautious as this can be one thin name. This traded waaay more than the outstanding shares nevermind the float yet again. If it dries up and trend holds – this can get sketchy fast. Really happy with the over night long (net long box) and then flat to net short (taking the box off) all perfect timing. I impressed myself since I had done so poorly trying to box MTG (even though that worked out too)

SCTY part of me wants to not underestimate this thing and think that it can go $26-28 + since it bounced so quickly and as you know with TSLA it always does more than you think — going to watch it tomorrow I think we’ll have a $1-2/share trade in the coming days

CAPN dips for possible break out some insider buys and there was a bid there the last few days 70k shares left to buy which may be the insider just biding for it – if they keep buying and if it holds up .. maybe they start a PR campaign again and get this sucker going. Swing for me so far- risk over/under $1.20s

LABU nice today, started small scaled scaled scaled … cover wash … trade around core. Looking to do the same.

CPXX I’ll try not to trade it in the first 10 minutes but looking for action mid day – I’ve been better mid day on this.

CBYL nice past 2 days off dips (swing idea from last week mid .80s) not a CHASE

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